The Boutique


Odet Saüc is a unique boutique that dresses brides differently, personally and truly special. Its philosophy is to work with exclusive and alternative wedding dresses, characterized mostly by being elaborated in an artisan, local and ethical way. Emerging or consolidated, our designers are still little known in our country although they already excel in the world of wedding dresses, with their spectacular models, without guidelines or ties, which stand out by being innovative, unique and high quality.

Boutique Filosofía


Odet Saüc is located in a dream place, a modernist house cataloged as a property of cultural interest and which was specially restored to accommodate the spaces and rooms of the boutique. The result of having made an integral and extremely sensitive reform with the essence and original characteristic elements of the building, respecting, restoring and highlighting its uniqueness, is an elegant and welcoming environment that highlights the best of the modernist building and culture.

Boutique Entorno


The combination of good ingredients, in its proper measure, makes the experience of dressing as a bride in Odet Saüc something special. An excellent selection of unique dresses, made with love and skill in the atelier of each of its designers, the advice and expert hands of a human team passionate about the business and a unique and dreamlike space that exudes elegance, all these are the recipe of success of the boutique.

Boutique Experiencia

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