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Wedding dresses Barcelona

The collections of wedding dresses at Odet Saüc are synonymous with timeless elegance. Adjectives such as boho, chic and vintage are inherent in their models, as well as the finest quality fabrics and delicate and artisanal dressmaking methods. Each dress is meticulously selected by the boutique team to satisfy the unconformist, unique and different bride, who claims to feel completely identified with her style the most special day. The combination of creative aesthetics, clean and refined, with harmonious nuances and intricate finishes, establishes a unique balance between modernity and classicism, between the beautiful and the sublime, between detail and simplicity. Thus each designer, with their own personality and nuances, raises the Bride's collection of Odet Saüc at the level of a demanding, alternative, unique and original bride.

Names of international designers such as Anna Campbell, Anna Kara, Claire Pettibone, Jenny Packham, Michele Corty and Rinat Asher can be exclusively found at Odet Saüc. Since the most special designs and models are ever gently complemented among them, therefore the most special special dress is always accompanied by other sartorial jewels. The result of a magnificent selection is an indispensable collection, of genuine and outstanding designs, of marked boho character and timeless classic style. The boutique, a product of encouragement and motivation for working with the brands it collaborates with, and passion for each and every one of them, is proud to have become a reference for those who want to find different and unique wedding gowns in Barcelona. Likewise, there is also a small space in the collection for more traditional cutting models at a very tight price, making a boutique dress accessible to any bride who wishes to wear Odet Saüc on the day of her wedding.


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